Why I am a Knight.

Why our members actively participate in our Council.

“The draws for me are:  To  strengthen and deepen my Catholic faith.  To live my faith by serving my neighbor in a direct and effective way, as part of one of the greatest of Catholic organizations;  To form friendships with men – and their families – who share my Catholic values, and to participate better in the life of my parish, and;  To be inspired to be a better Catholic and better man by my brother Knights.


I am blessed to have made so many good friends with the Knights.  Joining is the best thing I’ve done since marrying my wife.   And retiring.”

- Jack Archer

“The draw for me has always been that the Knights of Columbus is a Christ-centered organization. As some of you have mentioned, these are scary times for our Faith and our world but as history reminds us, threats from the evil one have always been there. Blessed Fr. McGivney did a brave thing when he formed the Knights—he listened to God! By God’s grace, a small group of men (mostly immigrants) created one of the strongest mutual benefit companies but also became one of the most charitable organizations following a compass that always points to our Lord and Savior. With God, all things are possible and spending time with other like-minded brothers produces stronger Catholic men; iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17).


I thank God for putting the Knights in my journey and for each of you. God bless you!”

- Brett Hazen

“I really enjoy sharing our faith and learning from each other in a brotherhood approach.  Helping each other to volunteer and take action and grow in faith.”

- Paul Nicholas

“We all know the old saying, “many hands make light work”. And that is exactly how I see the Knights of Columbus. Strength in numbers. Doing a ministry on your own is important and noble but given the opportunity to perform Gods work with all of you gentlemen has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my life. I have learned so much from each and every one of you, through conversation and during our charitable works and outreach. It is an honor for me to be in the Knights. I look forward to continuing together our journey of serving Saint Bernadette Parish and our Catholic community.”

-Dino Ianiro

“There is a longing in us and me too that there is something else that we are missing. We know the something else is God but we don't quite know how to engage It and to make It part of our daily life.


The Knights provide a forum, brotherhood and group setting that lets us be with like-minded men--searching for better Catholic answers, illumination and means to put our faith into action. The Knights provide the framework to help me and us to exercise our search for spiritual betterment, to become a better husband, father, brother, son, and friend. The Knights also act as our crutch and walking stick to support us on our faith journey. 


I am privileged and honored to be a Knight. I truly am impressed with the genuineness, integrity, self-sacrifice, and overall goodness of all of our group and the other Knights I have met. This is something I cannot say for nearly any other group I have been associated with.”

- Joe DiDonato

“Many times I have wished I could  help someone or serve others in need.  Saint Bernadette Knights of Columbus provides me with these opportunities.  Meeting and serving with my fellow Knights is an added bonus.”

- Rich Noga

“What I first saw as an opportunity to "belong" to something, and give back to the community, has transformed into an awareness of how little I know about the Faith.  By praying, discussing, laughing, breaking bread, celebrating, inquiring, mourning with fellow Knights, I learn more and more about our God, Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, and everything amazing in Christianity over 2,000 years.  It is truly an awakening.  Knights teach me to be a better "belonger", and give back more earnestly to the community.”

- Paul Etzler

“The work we do, particularly the religious aspect, and the friends we make!”

- Dan Clancy

“Brothers, I wish to be an active member of our council because I appreciate associating with men that share my values. Our society today is trying to make the norm so many things I find against what I believe God intended. I fear for my children what they are exposed to and their conclusions to it. I want to be a positive example to them. I also know I can be a better example and am inspired by my fellow Knights to help me grow in my faith.  I am grateful for to all of you.”

- Rob Hoelscher

“What drives me as an Officer and faithful member of the Knights of Columbus is that I am one of 90 "disciples of faith" striving for common good of our church and fellow human beings.”

- John Cattani

“I am active in the council because it is good for good men to be together and do good things for each other, for the community, and to spiritually build ourselves up. 


As Catholic men, we can't be just ritualistic and expect to get closer to Jesus and the Father. We must be active and dynamic, and no man can do it alone.


We need each other and God needs us to reap the harvest. This is a very confusing world out there now, and the Knights represent stability, honesty,  integrity and spiritual growth.  It is good to be a Knight and to see how God works your life and your fellow Knights' life.”

- Matt Minarik